Frequently Asked Questions

I have a ’65 Bultaco Tralla 102. Can you make a seat for it?

We can usually make a seat for any bike you own. If we’re not completely familiar with a particular bike, we’ll often ask you to provide photos of you, in full riding gear, seated on your bike so we can evaluate your posture in relation to the geometry of your bike and seat.

Do I have to send in my seat, or do you have pans of your own?

We try to stock as many seat pans as possible to give you a quicker turnaround – however, parts supplies can be limited and we’ll let you know if we’ll need your existing seat to begin work.

Why suede?

Suede is an excellent material for off-road use and is extensively used by Rally competition riders worldwide. It’s natural breathing ability along with the leather like feel makes this material a great choice for comfort. It’s predictable manners allows the rider to be able to control the motorcycle better while standing on the pegs, unlike synthetics which can be unpredictable and allow the rider to slide around to much when trying to control the bike with your legs.

How does suede hold up to the elements?

Suede is a natural material that will absorb moisture and may be a concern for those who ride in the rain. We recommend vinyl over suede if this is a concern. Our suede seats are lined with 3mm of a closed cell foam rubber to prevent water penetration into the foam. Most suede purchasing customers are more concerned with the performance and comfort of the material. UV protection is another concern; suede will more than likely fade with sun exposure. Some have been succesfull using chemicals to treat the suede, proper care equivelent to that of leather will always extend the life.

What material and color options do I have?

Only the best materials available are used which means a considerable amount of time is spent in selecting what will work best for motorcycle application. We select material which best fit motorcycle decor versus an auto upholstery which belongs in cars. We usally have the most popular colors to match production bikes. We have a variety of choices that include different textures including vinyl, suede and leathers, and we usually have just about every color and grain possible to match your bike. See our Material Sample Page for some of the available options.

I have specific needs (width, shape) for my new seat. Can you accomodate them?

We never begin a seat without discussing – via phone or email, or in person if you’re in our area – the type of riding you do and your issues with your current seat. Our seats are NOT built to a “one size fits most” standard. Each seat is custom built to accomodate the rider.

How long does it take to receive my seat?

This is all contingent on the amount of seats we’re working at the time. We are a small custom shop, and focus on providing you quality without compromise!
If you have special needs to discuss, let us know.

Can you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Renazco has satisfied customers worlwide for years. There are occasional cost or customs issues to be addressed so contact us first to sort out the details.